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Navigating life as a teenager can be an incredibly complex journey, filled with unique challenges while discovering some core beliefs that will follow them through life. Adolescents often find themselves faced with numerous adversities that impact multiple aspects of their lives. This includes not only academic performance and peer interactions, but also learning how to communicate appropriately and respectfully in professional, academic, and personal settings.

In our therapy sessions, we will dedicate the majority of our time and attention to exploring the unique qualities of you during a time when life can feel confusing. Teenagers are unique in that they are ever evolving in their thoughts, beliefs, and who aspire to become as adults. I am committed to providing support and guidance throughout therapy, and aim to empower you during your time in therapy. I totally get that therapy may not be the most exciting part of your already busy schedule, but I will do my best to find fun ways to engage you while challenging you to work toward your goals. Therapy is a safe space for adolescents to explore their many unique characteristics and belief systems without judgment or ridicule. Therapy gives teens the ability to speak freely without the fear of there parents inserting what they believe to be right, or peers judging them for having thoughts that differ from their own. The therapeutic rapport that we build will help us develop the necessary tools you'll need to navigate these exciting moments of growing up, while also addressing the complexities of teenage life.

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